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Lottco is a 3rd party Quality Assurance/Quality Control surveillance and witnessing service, providing Quality Assurance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide Quality Assurance of the manufacturer, inspection and shipping of drilling, casing, tubing, well-head accessories, down hole and sub sea equipment including tubular casing third party monitoring. Our services are available as needed across the US.

Lottco’s Quality Assurance analyst will verify and report on the Non-destructive Evaluation (NDE) and Non-destructive Testing (NDT) manufacturing inspection process. Analyst will ensure that operators are properly certified to perform their tasks, verify proper calibration and certification of all tools and equipment used for the process, as well as verifying the accuracy and traceability of the report process.

Experience Makes the Difference

For more than thirty years Lottco has provided its customers with commitment and dedication to accuracy, code compliance and customer standards. We provide around the clock service in all mills, pipe facilities and tool rentals in the US. All monitors hold a minimum, Level II certification. We provide quality assurance on load-outs in all yards and ports across the Gulf Coast region. Lottco is a member, in good standing with API, NACE, ISNetworld (HSE Compliance). Safety is our first priority. We service a wide range of companies from small independents to major oil companies and possess in depth experience and industry knowledge.

Assurance without Compromise

Lottco’s Level II analyst will ensure compliance of material within accepted standards of American Petroleum Institute (API), customer specifications and applicable codes and regulations. Every service we offer is performed with integrity and sincerity you have come to expect from Lottco.

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